neil-sloman-aboutI have  grown up with the smell of chemistry. My Father was a commercial photographer and so I guess it’s in my blood!  Aside from what he taught me and a brief stint at Photofusion in Brixton, I have received little by way of formal photographic training and have learned through practical experience. I was educated as an Art Historian and my knowledge of painting in particular has informed my photography and my appreciation of its practitioners.

I often use digital technology especially in situations where speed is of the essence but my first love is film and darkroom practice. Most of the portraits on this site have been taken on a 1960’s Linhof 5 x 4 camera or with a Hasselblad or Rolleiflex. I still get a thrill from the expectation of film and I think it’s hard to beat the feel of a chemically-produced black and white print so I will continue to experiment with the medium so long as stocks last.

In addition to teaching photography at a college in Canterbury, Kent, I exhibit regularly and have sold my work both nationally and abroad. I undertake and seek commissions but the majority of my imagery is produced as a result of self-generated ideas. My primary motivation is the joy of the unexpected shot and the experience of taking photographs in situations that might not otherwise have been encountered.

Photo credit – Lalo Borja